Play Music Hard & Relax Even Harder

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Traditional Whole Body Massage

Many musicians know how to both play hard and to relax. While playing is the way to express your creativity, without the ability to get in tune it’s difficult to keep on being productive. Unless you are working for a highly paid production company where sheer financial pressure is enough to create commercial music machine in you, one needs centering. Many creative…

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Rocking Beijing Show Venue: Red Theatre Kung Fu

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Rocking Kung Fu Show

Attending the Kung Fu show at the Beijing Red Theater is a breathtaking experience that leaves spectators in awe of the visually stunning, and highly popular mixture of martial arts and a captivating story line. Located in the Dongcheng District of Beijing, the Red theater is the setting for nightly performances that cost between 140 and 600 Yuan…

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Freedom Through Smart DNS Proxies

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Smart DNS Proxy Screenshot from

The Free Press Band is all about freedom in it’s very essential core, that builds that precious feeling of unity amongst us. Of course there needs to be consensus between band members so that we can create rock that’s organic and alive. That’s why we wanted to share something dear to us, which is freedom of the internet. One that needs to…

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Music Style of the Free Press

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Bird Without Freedom

Is it a mere coincidence that the pringting press of the world has inherited a term with implications to pressure. Mainly because the very industry itself has become that exact pressure in our every day lives. With the abundant sources for news in the “press business”, it’s no wonder that people are led to believe that these media sources are somehow free…

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Chaoyang Theatre & The Most Memorable Times in Beijing

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Wild Acrobatic Performance Show

Looking back at all the great trips around the world that have helped to shape our rocking attitude, as mentioned before the most memorable one has to be China. It had been a destination for us many times because we made such awesome friends there. When you get to meet such great people, you start to understand what the place is made…

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Longing for China Approaching Rock

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Underground Rock

It was always the fantastic underground culture that really struck us on our trips to the big brother China. Perhaps we just know our own culture a bit too well back here in Canada, which makes us look at things with old weary eyes. But that’s not to say that it’s all lost or gone.. in fact, every band needs a bit…

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Music in a Heartbeat

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Play the Heart

Have you ever listened to a rock album so attentively that you just couldn’t stop for days. Well, I can sure that we have but not because the tones were just so great. It was because we wanted to study the music and catch on to the heart beat of whoever made the amazing piece. This kind of intense studying of music…

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You are What You Eat & Listen

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Way to Health Eat

We’re not just a bunch of old hippies but active people with lives in front of us. It means that all the effort that we make into music production has been rewarding, making us look positively towards the horizon. As far as we know, there haven’t been much any official studies conducted about the effects of musical vibes on age and overall…

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Free Press Show in Shanghai

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Our Awesome Gig

One of the greatest gigs we ever did, was in the amazing city of Shanghai. It lead to a whole adventure in China, and loads of connections to rocking people all over the proud Chinese nations. While we fell in love with Shanghai immediately, it was in fact the very roots of the country that perhaps impressed about us the most. Of…

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