About the Band

The Free Press

A huuge greeting from the lead singer of the past Free Press rock band from Toronto. For those who don’t already know me, I am James Dallas Smith and I have taken up the project to revive the spirit of this band and record it’s past history as well as let you know on future prospects.

The Toronto has always been a breakthrough scene in Canada in regards of pop and rock music. We rocked hard for many years, since 2001 to bring you the best musical experience we could. Our speciality was in live concerts on a smaller but intensive scale. I am sure you must remember those amazing times!

We have always believe in changing the world. Our lyrics have contributed to the ever increasing mass of world awareness. From Organic food to Politics, we have covered a huge range of subjects with powerful vocal harmonies. Instrumental lines have been rich too, and our mission has been to grab your buts on a highly deep emotional level.

Free your imagination and catch up to the latest on The Free Press!