Certified Organic Rock Music

Posted on by James Dallas Smith


As a rock band, we have always felt that we carry values that are important to us. Sometimes having strong opinions made us unpopular, but when people really became fans they were fans for life. That’s probably one of the things that most motivated me to continue updating our website and letting you know what’s going on in our lives. The band has long been inactive and in a dormant state of happiness from everything we achieved from all the years. Out progressive and organic attitudes have continued to grow, each in it’s own individual direction. Rock music is of course, still a huge thing in all of our lives both in the form of listening and making. Perhaps one day, we will release special surprises for free to our fans, but that is no longer our priority.

As many of you know, we campaigned for organic food in the states and continue to support the movement with the best of our abilities. Personally for me, James Dallas Smith, this has been a passionate mission I will share more about later in future posts.

From the Free Press music band. I wish everyone has had a good start for the year 2015 and continue to be connected with us through our renewed website.