Chaoyang Theatre & The Most Memorable Times in Beijing

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Wild Acrobatic Performance Show

Looking back at all the great trips around the world that have helped to shape our rocking attitude, as mentioned before the most memorable one has to be China. It had been a destination for us many times because we made such awesome friends there. When you get to meet such great people, you start to understand what the place is made of and that is people of course. And not just that, it makes you want to go back again, and again. While Shanghai is a brilliant place that made us feel right at home, the other big neighboring city Beijing was one that was more difficult to penetrate. That turned out to be an even bigger journey to a magical world of many things, not just music but the other hugely memorable event in our lives was at the the incredible “Chaoyang Theatre Beijing“, a well known acrobatic venue that held our feet up from the ground throught the show.

Rock groups like us, are pretty famous for being adventurous and daring. Especially with our organic attitude. That’s why I guess, the Chaoyang acrobatics fit us like a nose in our heads. The Beijing show was daring, exciting, skilful and very very wild! Perfect for us and it even reminded of our wildest rock gigs around the globe. They had feats, where the acrobats would climb ladders by using one hand, jumping up and down as if anything was possible. I loved the artistic scenes, as shown in the picture above, where people would balance on things with extreme strength. Some of those scenes included just a few men who would go into the most amazing positions and stretch their bodies to something that is difficult to even call human. Surely the Chinese are the best in this variety act because we had just never ever in our lives seen anything quite like it.

The thrill didn’t stop there, we actually got to meet some of the performers. And we invited them to eat Peking Duck with us. But unfortunately even though some of the got a little drunk, we couldn’t get an opportunity to play our rock at the Chaoyang Theatre. Oh well, luckily there were many more opportunities in Beijing to perform and get close and in contact with the crowd. But there were surely a lot of similarities in many of the concerts we went to in the city, and many of the thrilling shows, as well as other performances we had the great pleasure of attending. The arts, and music together with the amazing people is just a combination that could not be better in our opinion.

To our amazement, there were even loads of organic restaurants and super markets at least in the downtown parts of Beijing. So in terms of food, which acts as a fuel for our performances was just brilliant as well. Unlike how so many people think that it’s just dirty down there, this was not the case for us at all. Of course there have been loads of food scandals and such, but it just means that you need to be careful of what kind of choices you make on your trip. For us, the word organic takes us a long way and we never got sick, instead we were in high spirits and full of energy for the whole journey. Just amazing stuff and I would love to go back again soon. Hope you enjoyed this little story as well, more to come my friends!

James D.