Free Press Show in Shanghai

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Our Awesome Gig

One of the greatest gigs we ever did, was in the amazing city of Shanghai. It lead to a whole adventure in China, and loads of connections to rocking people all over the proud Chinese nations. While we fell in love with Shanghai immediately, it was in fact the very roots of the country that perhaps impressed about us the most. Of course, our trip would have never been as amazing without the incredible guys at Show Shanghai crew! These people know their way around the city, both it’s nightlife as well as the rock scene. We consider ourselves extremely lucky and had the most memorable visit in our rocking history.

But doing a gig in China was not easy, because to get in contact with the crowd in the local show madness requires a sort of effort that was completely new to us. Of course, this was just a fun way to get around the discomfort that was initially born out of fear. It’s natural because we want to perform our best, especially in a foreign country as China. That one shot you have on stage can be crucial for the whole future of the band.

The things that were most different, were without a doubt the kind of music that people like. And we have a tendency to just improvise, and connect with the crowd in that way. For whatever reason, I had a bunch of girls cheering me next to the stage and perhaps that was what kind of put me on track. It often takes a sort of a spark like that, which takes the guitar sky high. Without any limits, you are able to create an organic experience for the whole theatre room and make the performance the best one ever. This was really the “Show Shanghai” lifestyle that made us famous in the future for years to come. We visited Beijing too, but ended up getting so wasted and having so much fun that actually playing music was definitely not on our priorities. But more about that later. Rock on people.

James D.

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  1. James Dallas Smith? What a pretentious, made-up sounding name! I do remember the band, though. I saw them play in Dusseldorf once and they talked about their side project (a New Kids on the Block cover band) and talked about being inspired by Chumbawumba, Aqua, Lou Bega, S Club 7 & Slipknot. I thought that was pretty cool.

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