From Montreal To Xi’an Music & Dinner Show

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Music & Dance Show in Xi'an

This tip is coming from the travel addicts of Montreal, a must see and experience musical exploration in the ancient Chinese capital: Xi’an. Enjoy!

Must See and Do in Xi’an, China

Located at the center of China’s mainland is the ancient city of Xi’an, and today it is the capital of the Shannxi Province. The city dates back thousands of years, and was once called as Chang’an, meaning ‘Eternal Peace.’ Known for being the first city on ‘The Silk Road’ (an ancient trading network that used to connect merchants, soldiers and pilgrims from the Asian continent to the Mediterranean Sea.), this historical city offers ancient discoveries, and a rich culture that is filled with incredibly beautiful dancing, art, and cuisine.

As travelers arrive to the Xi’an airport, they are introduced to a historical city that was once the political and cultural center for the Emperors of thirteen dynasties. Immediately, visitors will notice the series of mounded tombs that were built in the 1st century for the emperors during the Western Han Dynasty. As visitors make the roughly 20 minute trip into the center of Xi’an, they will discover the long and rich history of the city, and will have an abundance of sight-seeing choices and opportunities.

The city of Xi’an is home to one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in the world, and one of the must-sees in the city. The site, which is now a museum called ‘The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warrior and Horses,” was discovered in the 1970’s, and features a collection of 7,000 life-size terra-cotta warriors and horses that date back more than 2,000 years. Today, the warriors are part of the 16,300 square-meter museum, and remains as one of the most fascinating, and incredible sites in the entire city.

Another must visit when exploring the musical history of the city, is the Xian Tang Dynasty Music Show. Located near the city center, the popular dinner and dance show is a cultural icon that features world-class cuisine, and a performance of traditional Changan music and dance. Visitors can enjoy a menu of gourmet, Cantonese cuisine while basking in the brilliance of ancient dances, music, and traditional culture. The master chefs prepare the food as though it was an art form, and have mastered the Eastern and Western fusion that became so synonymous with the Silk Road pilgrims from centuries past. A unique and well thought out blend of cuisines complement the non-stop music and dance scene that is performed on the stage. Diners can sit back and enjoy a beautiful layout of food that includes traditional dumplings and Cantonese dim-sum. The mixture of dance and cuisine complements the historical sites and culture of the city so incredibly well, and is not to be missed.

A trip to Xi’an will satisfy the wanderlust and exploration appetite of most travelers. The history and ancient ruins alone are enough to keep visitors busy and entertained for many days. The blend of ancient culture, ruins, and cuisines mix so beautifully with some of the more modern hotels and amenities that are spread out throughout the city. Travelers can live like royalty at the Wyndham Grand Xian South, or the Sofitel Legend Peoples Grand Hotel, before setting off on sightseeing excursions to sites such as the Ancient Wall of South Gate of Yan’an, or the majestic Xi’an City Wall. The city is incredible, and blends a fascinating mix of history, rich culture, lively entertainment, and enough historical sites to impress and entertain all visitors and travelers to this most-outstanding place.

Greetings now back in Montreal and look out for more posts from the Free Press Music. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Must be a beautiful Chinese show! And Xi’an of course is a wonderful setting for it because of the mystic nature of the ancient capital. This post makes my thoughts fly!


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