How Our Rock Became Organic

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I always enjoy sharing the famous story of how our rock started it’s organic flavour. It’s a simple thing really, but in todays world a lot of people underestimate the simple things.. which btw. is what our lives pretty much consists of on the large. Despite being a big person or a famous musician from a rock band or anything like that, it’s small that counts and builds the whole.

Anyway, realising all that we wanted our rock music to be tasty and for that we needed to go to the roots and study the methods that would make it possible. Of course, nature has always been an important aspect of all of our lives in the band. And because of that we wanted to share that message with the world, through our music. But it was not just about being organic, it was what that enabled us to be that was the really important thing.

So a good question to start with, is that how vegetables can be made healthy. Of course, by not feeding them chemicals and making the whole process as natural as possible. With tasty vegetables, comes healthy food and a good overall well being. To achieve this with rock music was probably something that had never been done before. As we like a good challenge, this is what we started. To produce music, without any abstractions, or anything non-natural. We wanted to be pure and throw in our inspiration in it’s clearest form. And thus, “The Free Press” concept was born.

But what we had no idea, was that this would become such a big thing and success. To which we can thank nothing but our organic approach to music. Watch out for next post to find out more.

Get in tune,
James D.

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  1. Hey James,

    Everyone is still talking about the time The Free Press performed in a Hot Air Balloon. How did that affect your writing style and did the fans understand what you were trying to accomplish?


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