Freedom Through Smart DNS Proxies

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

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The Free Press Band is all about freedom in it’s very essential core, that builds that precious feeling of unity amongst us. Of course there needs to be consensus between band members so that we can create rock that’s organic and alive. That’s why we wanted to share something dear to us, which is freedom of the internet. One that needs to be taken as it seems that no one is ready to give it to you. Except that there are certain companies that are helping the work, to make us anonymous through VPN, proxy and other systems. This anonymity is one of the most essential clues to a closer sense of freedom, that’s not just something in fiction books but a reality to approaches real freedom. For those who are interested in switching in, I would first recommend having a look at our favorite internet privacy protection service, and their Smart DNS Proxy Discount offer which offers both a combination of web proxies and anonymous VPN. It’s a unique package for a very affordable price, one that we have discovered only a few years back but have been active, rocking users ever since!

So what are these VPN’s really and why should I use them? Well Smart DNS Proxy is kind of dedicated to unlocking website, as well as digital media. But that’s really just the surface of it all. The basic principle is, that by connecting to these servers that can be anywhere around the world, you are hidden behind that IP address of that server. Therefore, you actually IP which can identify your address, and even your name is behind the IP that you are connecting through. The other essential thing, is that the service, in this case Smart DNS does not log your activity with the server.

What that means in turn, is that even if someone were to investigate the activities of that VPN service, one would not be able to find any proof of evidence on how you have been using it. This is then called anonymity on the internet. And in today’s world, there is a tremendous amount of all kinds of tracking services, that record your activity throughout the internet. It is most likely, that if you are not using proxies, or VPNs.. every single website you visit is being recorded somewhere together with your name on it. That is the IP of course.

Even if you are a lawful citizen, which we hope you are. Just someone who enjoys loud, rocking music. And appreciates freedom of press of course, both the idea and the band. Then we think that you need to do this for the sake of everyone. To show the world, that we don’t want to be constrained into control and the big brother watching all our private moves. Internet wants to be free, this is the natural nature of it.

Check out the link above to get a discount coupon for Smart DNS Proxy services. We highly recommended them, because we know that they are safe and professional. Others exist too of course, and if you know some to recommend.. please let us know if the comments.

Much thanks and see you in a bit guys,
James Dallas Smith / The Free Press.