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Posted on by James Dallas Smith

The Electric Cross

In many more ways than one, the musical ride has been more benefitial than we could have ever imagined. We found not just great tunes, but love, amazing friends and an attitude for life. While we thank music for that, we must also remember to thank ourselves. Setting out on a mission that has never been done before, which is to combine organic and music in new ways unknown to man. At first it was just a project, but before we knew it was totally out of control fantastic. Especially he people we have met because of it has been rewarding and it made us think about our values.. if they were right or not. But over the years we kept one course of action true to ourselves. And that is of course, to do the right thing.

But it’s equally important to understand, that the right isn’t always the best course of action. Sometimes you end up doing the wrong thing, when trying too hard to go the right way. This happened to us a lot, we wanted to save the world and gather money for charity. This charity would help poor kids in the world through the red cross. Later on we realised that we were actually hurting those people, making them more dependent on foreign aid. Same applies to the band, how self sufficience has to be a key element in creating something that’s right for you and your surroundings.

I guess globalism has made it really difficult at time to do the right thing, either way.. we have found that it’s not something to worry too much about. Instead, just do what you feel like is right and as soon as you discovering that you are doing something that’s not the result you intended. Immediately stop and fix the situation. Often enough it takes courage to do that, but for us great music has been the remedy for staying sincere to ourselves.

Do it, fix it, get better.. it’s all trial and error.

Listen to your heart,
James D.

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  1. Well said mate. Doing the right is not easy, but it’s something we have to do eventually! =)


  2. Dear James,

    Perhaps my favourite aspect of The Free Press was the use of a hovercraft, both as a method of transportation to and from gigs, but also as a studio plug-in. Have you ever reassembled your kaleidoscope in a whirligig bumflower with Beethoven’s original flying Zamboni through a sunny and heartfelt torture chamber?


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