Longing for China Approaching Rock

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Underground Rock

It was always the fantastic underground culture that really struck us on our trips to the big brother China. Perhaps we just know our own culture a bit too well back here in Canada, which makes us look at things with old weary eyes. But that’s not to say that it’s all lost or gone.. in fact, every band needs a bit of a fresh look into music and life not just to find more exiting frontiers, but especially because it makes you value what you have back at home.

That was indeed the wrong attitude we had making us think we know everything about the music scene in Canada. Going to a totally new land, such as China which was just full of discovery, made our eyes go wide which was an effect that lasted well beyond our return. Meaning, that with just having that hightened sense of awareness, we were able to observe things back home that we had no idea about all these years.

Turns out, that there were several newish clubs and venues that we have never even heard of. Not to mention awesome bands that were playing in them. It made us think hard, about what kinds of experiences we have missed over the years just because our minds were set on the same old thing, all the time. Now it’s been a few good old years, and while our band is not playing, we want to always go and party every once in a while. Suddenly not knowing where to go and seek out for good, organic rock, we want to re-visit some of those magical places and cities in China that we had grown so fond of. Namely those within the borders of Shanghai & Beijing which is plenty to explore.

Perhaps it’s time my friends. Keep on reading and you just might find us from the underground clubs of Beijing or some place, unknown. Looking forward mates!

Sincerely, J.