Music in a Heartbeat

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Play the Heart

Have you ever listened to a rock album so attentively that you just couldn’t stop for days. Well, I can sure that we have but not because the tones were just so great. It was because we wanted to study the music and catch on to the heart beat of whoever made the amazing piece. This kind of intense studying of music is called attentive listening, which just makes you feel funny inside because it’s a hard one to grasp. I mean, who ever invented the code that makes people tick when they listen to a certain combination of tones. In many ways you could say that even the very people who create that music have no idea how they achieved it and why it becomes so popular to the human ear. Nevertheless, to try and study that very essense of inspiration and creativity is an extremely interesting way to get into grips with music.

Yet it is as if everytime we try to do that, we fail because of the impossible task at hand. What made that partciular rhyme good, and which are still good stuff the following day and so on. There are just so many different genres of rock available that it’s difficult to even understand. We have counted more than a hundred easily in our best days of boredom and free time. From pagan rock, to doom metal and sunshine pop. The list keeps growing and growing. Obviously people all over the world are just finding new ways to rock, but it’s all based on the heartbeat anyway.

At least that’s the best that we could ever come up with. It is that vital essense of life within music that makes it so damn good, rocking great stuff. It is the lifeline of our being and without it we would be gone as a spieces. So just keeping us alive with a good dose of organic rock every day is pretty much all we could ask for.

Play the heart.