Music Style of the Free Press

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

Bird Without Freedom

Is it a mere coincidence that the pringting press of the world has inherited a term with implications to pressure. Mainly because the very industry itself has become that exact pressure in our every day lives. With the abundant sources for news in the “press business”, it’s no wonder that people are led to believe that these media sources are somehow free and practice a certain degree of liberation. This however, could not be further from the truth in a world that is thriven by many human aspects that could be considered as negative. That’s why it is very important in our rock songs to emphasise on the message on what the free press actually is.

To many it may come as a surprise, and that is of course because most people don’t even give any thought to such issues. Those very issues that are in our hopinion should be discuessed within the society structure on a daily basis to approach a better, happier state of mind. Simply because music is something that creates happiness in people, it was the natural approach to bring forward this message of becoming truly free. Without the constrains of financance and other power games played througut the world. Music is naturally free and one of the most difficult things in this world to surpress. Of course, many nations in the history of the world have achieved musical surpression, which does have it’s limitations however.

For those who are not fully aware of our free press lyrics, we invite everyone to get to know them and listen to many of our wonderful songs that show a part of this world that is just ment to be. Or, that’s what we believe in anyway. Time to grab some organic lunch, and stop reading those idiotic news magazines that are supposedly giving us the news that we are in need for. Music can go a long, and bring news that are life long attitudes with a brilliant future.

Grab our music style, and get in tune with the world!