Just do The Right Thing

Posted on by James Dallas Smith

The Electric Cross

In many more ways than one, the musical ride has been more benefitial than we could have ever imagined. We found not just great tunes, but love, amazing friends and an attitude for life. While we thank music for that, we must also remember to thank ourselves. Setting out on a mission that has never been done before, which is to combine…

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How Our Rock Became Organic

Posted on by James Dallas Smith


I always enjoy sharing the famous story of how our rock started it’s organic flavour. It’s a simple thing really, but in todays world a lot of people underestimate the simple things.. which btw. is what our lives pretty much consists of on the large. Despite being a big person or a famous musician from a rock band or anything like that,…

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Rock in Toronto

Posted on by James Dallas Smith


Toronto is an amazing scene for rock in Canada. We have been lucky to have been able to grow in such an amazing atmosphere as a band. Therefore it has felt only natural for us to rise to popularity amongst all the other great bands that have been around during our founding years, to name a few:


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Certified Organic Rock Music

Posted on by James Dallas Smith


As a rock band, we have always felt that we carry values that are important to us. Sometimes having strong opinions made us unpopular, but when people really became fans they were fans for life. That’s probably one of the things that most motivated me to continue updating our website and letting you know what’s going on in our lives. The band…

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