Play Music Hard & Relax Even Harder

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Traditional Whole Body Massage

Many musicians know how to both play hard and to relax. While playing is the way to express your creativity, without the ability to get in tune it’s difficult to keep on being productive. Unless you are working for a highly paid production company where sheer financial pressure is enough to create commercial music machine in you, one needs centering. Many creative jobs are like that but being a musician in especial just cannot be forced. Pushing too hard will just extract all the juice and leave one with a short career. Of course, everyone is an individual case and everyones choice should be respected as it is. But often enough those who balance the two are perhaps enjoying the most and thus, the most productive by nature.

And there are so, so many ways to relax. Having been “backstage”, the multitude of ways artists use to get in tune is astounding and always fun to observe, or try out yourself. Some people spend a lot or are on the receiving stage while backstage. And sometimes it’s because people prefer to just escape and show themselves that they are “living the life”. While that’s fine as it is, personally the best releaf of stress and a way to relax is Chinese massage. The first time I tried it in Beijing, I was hooked for life and couldn’t help but seek that experience again and again. Unfortunately, in many western establishments it seemed that something profound was lost in the way they had perceived this ancient form of traditional therapy. I always thought of it as just a meer way to relax with limited effects only lasting for a day or two. Giving not much thought to what true nature of such massage techniques are, I was absolutely astounded.

Chinese massage known as “Tuina”, is know to date back at least two thousand years. Emperors were some of the biggest advocates of the trend that has been studied and perfected over such a long period of time. The teaching have travelled from emperor to emperor, from city to city and era to era, with changes along the way. No wonder that for many it has been difficult to grasp the original atmosphere and for that my biggest recommendation would be to head to the “backstage” of the buzzing Beijing city that I have so much learned to love. It’s very common with friends to go for a massage after a long night out at an underground club for example. The chinese truly know how to play hard and how to relax even harder! But don’t be fooled as there are non-authentic places in China too which will give just pleasure without a deep and profound effect on your physical and mental state of being. That’s why it’s extremely important to have an authentic massage in Beijing which is bound to send you off to the skies giving a weird tingling feeling all over your body. If you don’t feel like something has really changed within you, then you will know that it’s not the real thing. But sometimes it’s not just that because the locks that one can have in your body to prevent natural energy flow can be huge. Therefore going several times over a long period is highly recommended.

With so many places to choose from, spas, herbal foot massage, whole body massage, accupuncture, cupping and you name it..! It’s better to ask for a recommendation. Either through the Beijing Massage Guide or by getting friends with the Beijing locals who know their stuff. Especially musicians and artist alike are into this kind of stuff which does not surprise me at all. Even once backstage they had an old Chinese guy who was giving massages in turn to the performers. That was pretty hilarious and something I have yet to see in the west. With improved circulation music feels more intense, with better flexibility of joints dancing becomes beautiful, with no emotional stress one is free to let go! That is the very essence of partying in China, something that Beijing taught me and I am very grateful off.

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  1. This is a genius way to relax backstage! Will definitely put to use but a bit clueless as to where to find such a quality masseur in the US. Oh well, thank you.

    1. Thanks mate, and that is a good question. I guess it’s just trial and error to find a good place for massage. Good luck Mr!

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