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Posted on by James Dallas Smith


Toronto is an amazing scene for rock in Canada. We have been lucky to have been able to grow in such an amazing atmosphere as a band. Therefore it has felt only natural for us to rise to popularity amongst all the other great bands that have been around during our founding years, to name a few:

Drake, Rush, Feist, Fucked Up, deadmau5, Metric and last but not least, Broken Social Scene.

These and many more Toronto rock bands have served as a platform to voice the beauty of quality rock music. From progressive to strong, enduring melodies. Serving as a model for us to grow on, we could not have made it without all of you. Writing this blog, is a way for us to give thanks and write down about the history of the Toronto scene. Believing that this is something important to have on record for future rock generations.

Lastly we want to give out a shout to the industrial group, The Birthday Massacre who is one of the newer discoveries that we are actively following to this day.

Our deepest most respect to the musical Toronto family. Big up!


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  1. Amazing to see you guys back blogging again. Let’s stay in touch & keep on rocking Toronto!


  2. This is a strange twist. This domain used to be for my band from Toronto “the Free Press”. I hope nobody thinks that the band is back in business because were not.

    Best of luck with this blog.

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