Rocking Beijing Show Venue: Red Theatre Kung Fu

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Rocking Kung Fu Show

Attending the Kung Fu show at the Beijing Red Theater is a breathtaking experience that leaves spectators in awe of the visually stunning, and highly popular mixture of martial arts and a captivating story line. Located in the Dongcheng District of Beijing, the Red theater is the setting for nightly performances that cost between 140 and 600 Yuan for a ticket. The first performance at this setting was in July of 2004, and since its initial showing, it has won numerous award, and has become a must-see for visitors of all-ages, and for tourists from around the globe.

Traditionally, the term “Kung Fu’ refers to a study, learning, and practice that requires energy, time, and patience to complete. For years, western civilization referred to the practice of Chinese Martial Arts as Kung Fu, but it wasn’t until the 20th Century when the Chinese also began to refer to Kung Fu as a type of arts.

Today, visitors from around the world visit the Red theater to experience a collection of some of the best Kung Fu artists and practitioners from throughout China. Presented by China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts, Co, the once per night performance is a must-see for anyone looking to dive into the world of traditional Chinese culture, and fans of Kung Fu. The mixture of martial arts and modern theater, as well as exquisite ballet and music is presented in the story of a young boy and his desires to attain enlightenment through Kung Fu mastery. The performance follows the young boy on his journey, as he takes the path of a monk, and must overcome a series of fears, mind blocks, and obstacles. It is a story of resilience and dedication, following in the ancient tradition of mastery. Spectators are dazzled with the dancing, martial arts skills, and a performance of power and grace.

Throughout the nearly two-hour performance, spectators experience a show that will leave them on the edge of their seat, both in the form of an adrenaline rush, and intrigued by the tale and lesson told throughout the performance. Although none of the actors speak throughout the performance, English speakers are presented with subtitles above the stage to help follow along with the story-line.

Beijing is a city filled with beautiful arts and performances, that feature high-flying acrobatics to visually stunning productions. The Kung Fu show is simply spectacular, and with the beautiful set designs, costumes, special effects, and brilliant performances by the practitioners, this is an inspiring and entertaining show. Explore the deep-rooted traditions of Kung Fu, told through the dancers and performers who have in their own right learned to master their craft. Sit back, and enjoy an ancient art that dates back thousands of years, and tells a story that will inspire, and entertain.

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  1. Seems like a rocking show indeed! I’ve practiced kung fu for some time and this seems like a must if I ever end up as far as China 🙂


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